When Relaxation Circle was suggested to me, I was very nervous, as I wasn’t about anything to do with discussing my grief. On my first visit I was so comforted by the volunteers and their philosophy, that we are in a safe place, that we can talk and share only when we are comfortable. When I had my first Healing Touch treatment it was as though someone was giving me permission to relax. I felt safe and nurtured. Sometimes it is the only space in my week that I feel truly relaxed and I look forward to the Relaxation Circle and the Healing Touch therapy.

My grief is still very much foremost in my mind each and every moment of the day; however, because of this unique group, I am finding better and more productive ways to help myself through this process. I would like to thank the staff at the Ridge Meadows Hospice Society for all that they do for the community and for all of the wonderful programs.  A special thank you to all the fantastic volunteers who give of their time.

Relaxation Circle past participant testimonial